Easiest Way To Enjoy Deep Sleep Once Again

Do you toss + turn all freaking night and wake up feeling like you didn't even sleep?

If so, make sure you get some solutions in place so that your lack of sleep doesn't start deteriorating your health.

My top recommendation to help you start enjoying deep sleep once again is for you to load up a bedside diffuser {doTERRA's AromaLite 8-Hour Diffuser is best} with the ultimate sleep combination: 3 drops of doTERRA Serenity + 3 drops of Vetiver Essential Oils.

Serenity [Restful Blend]

  • Promotes relaxation + a restful sleeping environment
  • Lessens feelings of tension + calms emotions
  • Promotes relaxation + decreases stress


  • Promotes a feeling of calm
  • Has a grounding effect
  • Calms + grounds emotions
  • Has immune-supporting properties

So, not only will you sleep awesome, but you'll be supporting your immune system as well. Apply 1-2 drops of each to the arches of your feet as well for an even deeper sleep.