The Cleanse + Restore Kit is the perfect kit to start with if you are in need of a serious reset to your digestive system, as well as a nice detoxification system for your body.

This kit comes with a bonus from Essential Alchemy By Noelle - FREE Membership {$197 VALUE} into the exclusive "40-Day Essential Detox," which will be delivered directly to you via email in a step-by-step system with a supplement schedule, as well as daily detox tips and nourishing recipes to cover you over the 40 days.


Essential Oils {15 mL}

  • Lemon

Wellness + Detoxification Supplements

  • Alpha CRS+, Antioxidant
  • xEO Mega, Omega Complex
  • Microplex VMz, Wholefood Vitamin + Mineral
  • PB Assist+, Probiotics
  • GX Assist, Digestive Cleansing Formula
  • Terrazyme, Digestive Enzymes
  • Zendocrine Softgels, Detoxification Blend
  • Zendocrine Complex, Detoxification Complex
  • DDR Prime Softgels, Cellular Complex

You will also receive a FREE {$35 VALUE} yearly wholesale account from doTERRA by purchasing this kit, allowing you to login and order anything your heart desires for a year at 25% off retail pricing, with absolutely ZERO monthly obligation. Just tons of savings!

Ongoing monthly education will also be provided in my private "Essential Alchemy By Noelle" Facebook Community to support you along your journey of natural health + wellness using doTERRA essential oils.