The Emotional Aromatherapy Kit contains six unique essential oil blends that provide targeted emotional health benefits for the entire family and can be applied every day to specific points on the body to help balance and brighten your changing moods.

This kit also comes with a doTERRA Petal Diffuser that will allow you to immediately start experiencing the aromatic benefits of these essential oils in your home.

Simply choose what emotional support you are looking for each day and apply to your pulse points {neck + wrists + heart}, inhale straight from the bottle while on-the-go {keep in your purse} and diffuse in your home with the Petal Diffuser that is included with this kit.

These natural solutions for emotional wellness are also a great reason to toss all the toxic perfumes and body sprays that contain unregulated chemicals shown in studies to cause harm to your body in the trash!

Ain't nobody got time to be poisoned LOL!

Cheer: Optimism + Cheerfulness + Happiness

Console: Comfort + Hope

Forgive: Contentment + Relief + Patience

Motivate: Confidence + Courage + Belief

Passion: Excitement + Passion + Joy

Peace: Peace + Reassurance + Contentment



Essential Oils {5 mL}

  • Cheer, Uplifting Blend
  • Console, Comforting Blend
  • Forgive, Renewing Blend
  • Motivate, Encouraging Blend
  • Passion, Inspiring Blend
  • Peace, Reassuring Blend

Essential Oil Accessories

  • Petal Diffuser

You will also receive a FREE {$35 VALUE} yearly wholesale account from doTERRA by purchasing this kit, allowing you to login and order anything your heart desires for a year at 25% off retail pricing, with absolutely ZERO monthly obligation. Just tons of savings!

Ongoing monthly education will also be provided in my private "Essential Alchemy By Noelle" Facebook Community to support you along your journey of natural health + wellness using doTERRA essential oils.